Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Team Action Sweatshirts! Plus....pumpkins!

Alright, so I'm super tired, so I gotta make this quick.  I have to be up in 6 1/2 hours to go zip lining, which will be sweeeeet!  In addition to being really fun, hopefully it'll give me something to write about (3 hours in a group of strangers could be....inspirational...).  But anyway, I wanted to post some pics beforehand and write about my pre-zip planning. 

I don't have a large selection of active-wear because I'm not that active of a person (although I'd like to be?).  Generally, I feel that jeans work for me in most situations.  Besides, active-wear never seems to be that important to the process. Yet, all the time I see special hiking shorts and "performance fleece" (not to be confused with the extremely sedentary "failure fleece?").  So when thinking about what I should wear while zip lining, I started looking at the stereotypical active-wear-type sweatshirts.  They're crazy expensive!  I decided that, for the price, the sportsy sweatshirt I was looking at needed to retain certain qualities:  could I successfully karate chop my way through the thick jungle canopy of Georgia in said sweatshirt?  Could I do jumping jacks and round-house kicks in it?  Could it repel rain like some sort of force-field around my body?  Surprise!  It couldn't!  The "performance fleece" performed as well as a regular sweatshirt for the difference of about $100 (and good news, it's not supposed to rain anyway, so no rain force-field needed).

Nonetheless, the idea of "action sweatshirts" didn't leave my mind.  This is going to be an "extreme-to-the-max" type outdoorsy adventure for Keith and I, so we needed something to symbolize our excitement and designate one another as zip lining teammates (vs the other people in our group, of course).  So yay for iron-on transfer graphics!

Yeah, I stole it from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  And yeah, it doesn't really make sense as we're not in Philadelphia.  But "zip" sounds like "flip," the jingle is catchy, and spirit of Flipadelphia relates to the our excitement for zipadelphia.  Plus zipeorgia and ziplanta sound dumb.  You need the extra syllables of the "delphia" to make it work, I guess. 

That's Keith in his (and my cute cat being cute as usual).  Here's mine:

Jealous?  You should be.  I'm going to be able to do all sorts of karate in this action sweatshirt.  And while you're busy being jealous, here's a picture of my pumpkin I just carved a few hours ago:

You should probably just listen to this song in the background while admiring my pumpkin because it's good enough to be in the trailer for that 3D owl movie (which I liked, by the way).  Side-note:  I totally cheated and used a template for this pumpkin.  Oops!  Still awesome, though.

Keith's pumpkin turned out pretty sweet, too.  It could be in that Nightmare before Christmas movie. 

In summary, sweatshirts are best when accessorized for action and pumpkins are made for Hollywood.  Crap, 5 1/2 hours until zip line.  Gotta sleep so I don't fall to my death (just kidding, it's a moderately safe activity as long as the zip guides get more sleep than me).



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